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Atmos360 understands the value of good employees

Atmos360 understands the value of good employees

As an employer, Atmos360 understands the value of good employees. A workforce built of people on whom you can count to get the job done, meet (and exceed) goals and who take your business and its mission seriously is the backbone of any organization.
Without our employees, we’d be doing every task and wearing every hat our business needs – for better or worse.

With that said, Atmos360 congratulates its employee’s every month and for August 2018, we recognize Daniel Hockersmith on being Employee Of The Month.

When asked what he loves about his work Hockersmith said: “It is a great pleasure to be recognized for the work that I do. Everyone at Atmos360, Inc. is truly responsible for my recognition. 
I appreciate the camaraderie and fellowship that we have here at Atmos360, and I am looking forward to building on the relationships to help Atmos360 grow and become a major player in the filtration industry”.

Paper Trap vs. Venus Fly Trap

 Paper Trap vs. Venus Fly Trap A typical dust collection hood on a paper converting line is designed to collect small particles of dust. During the process to make toilet paper, larger chunks of tissue get torn off and sucked into the hoods. These large chunks are then taken to a dust collector (RACF or bag house) and will clog or blind the filter media.

When this happen it increase the number of times the filters have to be maintained or cleaned. How do we keep this from happening? To increase the service life of the collector we have developed a Paper Trap (see figure below) to catch these larger pieces before they get on the media.

Much like a Pre-Separator before a drum filter the Paper Trap would have a screen/mesh housed inside a cabinet that goes before the collector.

When the screen becomes clogged a pressure indicator would rotate the screen down and empty the large chunks into a hopper and tote below.

This cleaning cycle will last a few minutes then return the hoods to norma…