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Owning S.T.E.M, ATMOS360's President, Icy Williams, opens up about being a Black Woman CEO of a S.T.E.M impacted company

Quite often in the context of S.T.E.M (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math), you might read stories or see initiatives from the standpoint of the S.T.E.M working professionals, students, mentors, affinity groups, etc. However, very seldom might you have an opportunity to hear from a S.T.E.M impacted Business Owner, more specifically, a Black Woman Business Owner, with over 30 years of experience. As is the case with Mrs. Icy Williams. Through writing this blog, I came to realize, in comparison, how little visibility there is around the Business Owners of S.T.E.M impacted markets and wondered, how we as a society could do better in recognizing and learning from this wealth of knowledge that seemingly goes unnoticed. With this in mind, I took a particular interest in learning more about Icy Williams' journey, including lessons learned, from the perspective of Owning S.T.E.M. Cincinnati, Ohio, based ATMOS360 is an Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing organization specializing i…

ATMOS360 provides engineering service to determine current equipment setting and recommendations for optimum setting to gain the best efficiencies

Our teams go in and test point all along our client's systems to make sure they are getting the right amount of air that impacts the quality and operational efficiencies of that production line. 

We trace the air flow into the utility room to make sure that the contaminate is conveying properly through the system (throughout the ductwork).

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