Owning S.T.E.M, ATMOS360's President, Icy Williams, opens up about being a Black Woman CEO of a S.T.E.M impacted company

Quite often in the context of S.T.E.M (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math), you might read stories or see initiatives from the standpoint of the S.T.E.M working professionals, students, mentors, affinity groups, etc.
However, very seldom might you have an opportunity to hear from a S.T.E.M impacted Business Owner, more specifically, a Black Woman Business Owner, with over 30 years of experience. As is the case with Mrs. Icy Williams.
Through writing this blog, I came to realize, in comparison, how little visibility there is around the Business Owners of S.T.E.M impacted markets and wondered, how we as a society could do better in recognizing and learning from this wealth of knowledge that seemingly goes unnoticed.
With this in mind, I took a particular interest in learning more about Icy Williams' journey, including lessons learned, from the perspective of Owning S.T.E.M.
Cincinnati, Ohio, based ATMOS360 is an Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing organization specializing in Industrial Air Filter Systems and Equipment that provides improved air quality for employees and reduced levels of dust/aerosols on consumer products.
As a Black Woman CEO in an industry that’s been traditionally associated with blue-collar, middle-aged, white men, Icy Williams knows first-hand the impacts of S.T.E.M; and plans to help other women overcome some of the hurdles she’s faced.
After 29 years with the Procter And Gamble Company and taking part in college recruitment which focused on acquiring engineering students, Williams was no stranger to the world of S.T.E.M by the time she decided to acquire ATMOS360.
Williams recalls her early introduction into the S.T.E.M sectors when she was hired by The Procter and Gamble Company in May of 1980 as a 1st level Process Engineering Manager. Williams recounts how this role challenged her to expand her knowledge, education and excel in manufacturing principles and best practices. 
Through this on the job education and other technical training classes, Williams described absorbing as much information as possible needed to grow within her previous employer’s company.
The ATMOS360 CEO recognized that her early career success was attributed mostly to her being in the right place at the right time, hard work and determination along with the support of workplace management.
When asked what, if any, advice she’d offer to women looking to make their transition into a  S.T.E.M field, Williams responded with the following...
“If you’re looking to begin working within the S.T.E.M industries, know the industries well and have established relationships built prior to transitioning.”
Williams also offered up bonus advice, in the form of lessons learned as a Woman-Owned Business in a STEM impacted field.
• “First, I would have learned more about the business culture of the company that I purchased; people, processes, systems, attitudes and behaviors to grow, develop and learn new ways of getting the work done.”
• “Secondly, I would have purchased the company differently; selling price and final payout price to the previous owners would have been based on meeting purchase price sales and profit projection.”
• “Third, I would have surrounded myself with my chosen leadership team to help guide and direct the company while I continued to do the business development and relationship building in the industry.”
It is for this reason that Williams wants to give back and inspire women in S.T.E.M to be globally empowered whether they strive to be Working Professionals or aspiring Business Owners.
Today, ATMOS360 is a recognized “force” to be reckoned with in the Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing industry for its technology, product quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
This family-owned business serves a national marketplace and is poised for global business growth, job creation and more community involvement due to its depth of technical skills, capabilities, and capacity.
ATMOS360 is connected to S.T.E.M high schools in Cincinnati and when given the opportunity will conduct sessions with them.
On the horizon for Williams and her team, are to eventually provide workshops focused on Manufacturing for aspiring women who want to learn from the success of ATMOS360.
With a heart to give back, Williams also mentioned offering outreach and classes to young women, as a second chance or alternate option who’ve expressed an interest in the manufacturing and engineering industry and want to take their careers in a different direction.
As ATMOS360’s S.T.E.M programs are being actively developed and further explored, parties interested in learning more, contributing to this mission or booking Williams to speak, can do so via the contact details listed below.
Email: iwilliams@atmos360.com
Website: http://www.atmos360.com/
Mobile: 513-335-1978 
For Press and Media Inquiries contact Dawn Nicole @ 704-709-0329 ext. 101 or email: delivery@whatsyoursecretsauce.com


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