Three Benefits of an Air Filtration System

Three Benefits of an Air Filtration System

We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t fill a need, and for ATMOS360, that need is the need for cleaner air, safer air and healthier air.  Haven’t you heard?  It is the ultimate commodity in 2016.

Dust doesn’t sit too pretty on the lungs, and in some cases, can, over time, lead to any number of dust-related diseases such as asbestosis, silicosis, and farmer’s lung, to name a few.

So what we do serves a purpose, and aligns well with our mission to provide leading-edge, timely and cost-effective air systems solutions to our clients.

In reducing dust, our air filtration systems make for a more health-friendly workplace.  Here are three ways that an air filtration system can benefit your facility.  Air filtration systems can:

1. Improve air quality If you’ve ever been covered in hives just minutes after starting your work day, then you understand how even something as minute as an allergy to dust can really lead to a very bad day from an allergic reaction.  ATMOS360 air filtration systems work to get rid of dust, odor, and other particulates circulating in the air that your employees might be allergic to.  And more so, dust and other particulates can, over time, lead to a deterioration in one’s respiratory health.

2. Keep production floors clean  It might seem inconsequential, but everyone notices when a floor, control panel, production equipment, or quality station doesn’t look its best because it is covered with a layer of dust.  It’s generally not a big deal, but something that employees and potential clients will notice as they’re either working or meeting with you.  It is a small detail that could speak volumes about your company, without you actually saying a word yourself.  So consider investing in an air filtration system for its added benefits, such as keeping dust to a minimum in the air and off production floor and equipment.

3. Maintain work productivity  According to this article in the journal Indoor Air, indoor air quality that is poor can reduce worker productivity from 6 to 9%.  It might not sound like much, but consider what this dollar amount looks like.  Even if you are a one-person operation, the amount could very well be significant.  An air filtration system will help to get rid of dust and keep fresh air circulating, and employee morale will stay level, rather than drop.

An air filtration system is a great way to take preventive measures that can not only keep your facility healthfully solvent, but also clean.  We now invite you to take a look at some of our products to see how they can help your employees to put their best feet forward. 


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